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Rosie Mennem

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Rosie Mennem has a wealth of experience as an artist and designer. With diverse commissions from painting a Palace in Prague to painting shoes at the Oscars for Jimmy Choo. Rosie has had no formal training but has had the privilege to work for some formidable talent in the world of interiors who encouraged her talent. She started her career painting furniture for the General Trading Company in Sloane Square. At the age of 23 she had opened an interiors shop in Buckinghamshire. Commissions abroad, soon followed. In the South of France Rosie restored a fresco in a church and in an old mill house she created beautiful slightly worn painted interiors. A huge project followed, decorative painting on a large scale at Zamek Castolovice in the Czech Republic. A castle Diana Phipps had returned to her during restitution. Diana’s unique creativity, style and encouragement had a profound effect on Rosie and her development as an artist. Time in Prague, painting at The Lobkowicz Palace was also painting on a large scale, often on scaffolding Rosie also undertakes many domestic projects on a smaller scale and has the same passion and commitment, whatever the scale of the commission. She has been fortunate to work for people who are the leaders in interior design , such as Charlotte Crosland and Joanna Plant. Other clients who are passionate about their homes such as Sophie Dahl, Poppy Delevigne and Mathilde Favier from Dior have commissioned Rosie. Designing for Zoffany, has been another aspect to Rosie’s career and has created the best selling design, Woodville. Rosie is looking forward to hand painting on James Hare silk wallpaper in 2020 and creating bespoke decorative pictures.

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